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If George Zimmerman is “White-Hispanic”, does that make Obama “White-Black”?
Fox News is currently pushing internet censorship to “protect” us from hackers

There was a Wall St. meltdown today when the AP twitter was hacked to say that the White House was bombed. This is conveniently being spun to push for internet regulation like CISPA, SOPA and PIPA. The pressure to exchange freedom for security is bi-partisan.

Reddit and 4Chan might be more efficient than the FBI

CNN and AP confirmed that an arrest was made and the suspect was at the Boston federal courthouse, then they retracted and the courthouse was evacuated for an hour. Now they have let employees back in.

Two acts of terrorism: Obama signs insider trading bill for his friends on Wall St. 

Two acts of terrorism: Obama signs insider trading bill for his friends on Wall St. 

Most of the terror plots foiled by the feds were in fact created by the feds

This helps corroborate the witness reports of the bomb drills in the area before the explosions

Check this out before it gets taken down

During her recent foray on Reddit, MSNBC star Rachel Maddow answered questions about her favorite smell (“Clean river, spring day,” she responded) and that ubiquitous and obnoxious Reddit staple: “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” (Maddow chose the single horse-sized duck, if you care). Meanwhile, she ignored the tough questions. Why didn’t MSNBC cover the Bradley Manning trial? What’s the single worst offense committed by the Obama administration? Shouldn’t progressive Democrats have supported Rand Paul’s filibuster over the the administration’s drone policies?

Reddit AMA Redditors wanted those questions answered more than any others. They voted them to the top of the thread—along with one other comment, when it was clear Maddow wouldn’t touch the tough questions. “This AMA is a bust,” redditor Chafuter declared.